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alternate amda by JustACommonMistake
alternate amda
I'm back home and found the sketchbook I was using when I was first drafting my character Amda. This is what she was going to be before I clammed up and played it safe with a brunette character.
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(Contains: strong language)
Amda shivered, the cool air of the dungeon clinging to her skin. Sunlight filtered through the roof and leaves overhead, making a patchwork of the ground in front of Amda. With a limp she navigated her ways through the rooms, wary of any potential monsters. She had heard skittering here and there, but had avoided being detected so far. Her leg twinged painfully with every step, and she leaned on the wall as much as she could.

"Where in the world is everyone?" She wondered aloud as she slid to the floor in what she assumed was a safe room. The other students that had fallen near her had been lost from view in the chaos following, but Amda knew they were in the temple. As she had come to, she'd seen green clad freshman knights heading in, along with some of the other students. She would have waited outside for her classmates to return, but a group of bokoblins had begun approaching the area and it was a safer bet to go in. She was beginning to regret that decision, as she could move at a snail's pace at best. Mindful of her right leg, she curled in on herself and tried to keep it together. Panicking would only make things worse. Whatever had happened to her leg, it certainly wasn't too late to go into shock. Keeping her wits about her was the only was she was going to make it out of the temple alive. "But I have to keep moving... I've got to find something, someway..." She muttered, looking around the room irritably. The darkness yielded little in the way of solutions. The room seemed to have no purpose other housing a few heart flowers. Trees had grown up through what might have been a structure, or maybe several. Instead of a solid floor, uneven terrain twisted with roots and covered in decaying leaves were what Amda had to deal with. With a deep grumble she lifted herself to her feet. She'd come in the far side of the room, so there had to be an opening on the other side. It wouldn't make sense for there to be a dead end.

The wall opposite the entrance was a mass of vines, branches, and brambles. Amda tugged at the tangle, trying to see if there might be a door underneath it all. It was hard to tell in the dim light filtering through from above, and the foliage was not giving much under Amda's half-hearted attempts. When pulling didn't work, she tried leaning her whole weight into in, grimacing as the thorns dug into her face. Suddenly, the whole thing gave way with a loud crack, and Amda landed in a heap. The curtain of crap dislodged itself slightly at her passing, and a branch had fallen close by. Amda grabbed it, and found it to be sufficient weight and height for a potential walking stick. "At least something good came of that..." She muttered crossly, squinting into the new room. The meager amount of light spilling in from the hallway was not enough to make anything out, so Amda struck a match and lit the candle she kept with her in case of emergency. She seemed to have gone from one hall to another, though she was fairly certain this was nothing manmade.

Trees bent close overhead and bushes crowded alongside the path. It was large, much larger than Amda and plenty of room to maneuver. Unlike the prior room, the floor here was smooth, with well worn tracks underfoot. Amda gulped, not certain if that would mean good or bad news for her. She pressed onward, one arm bearing the weight from her leg and the other holding the light aloft. There was a strange film clinging to the bushes. It shimmered faintly in the light, and Amda couldn't make out what color it was. There was a thick sense of foreboding in the air as the path steepened and began to dive downward. Amda managed at first, but it wasn't long before she was losing her footing every few steps. She had stopped to consider turning back when she heard what sounding like shouting from further down the tunnel. She recognized some of the voices as belonging to her classmates! Plopping herself down onto the floor, she began to scoot down the incline. She was making good progress until her right foot caught on a root. With a yelp, she bent to grab her ankle, and tumbled straight town the descent. Within seconds she lost her orientation and could only hope that she wouldn't fall into a chasm. She then suddenly collided with something somewhat solid, before crashing through that and dumping herself onto something very solid and fairly flat.

With a groan, Amda raised herself up to see she had landed in the thick of a very serious fight. Students were running around the chamber, if it could really be called that, all dodging some mysterious figure. As she began to drag herself away, she tried to get a better look, and immediately wished she hadn't. It was some kind of spider monstrosity, spitting webs and scuttling about. Teeth adorned the thing like a scarf, and its feet clacked over the stones imbedded in the dirt. Amda felt herself go rigid as she gripped her stick tightly in hand. The monster attacking her classmates looked like the most nightmarish thing anyone could have ver thought of. Amda felt her stomach churn and her heart hammered at her throat. She tried desperately to move but her muscles wouldn't respond. The thing took a boomerang to the head, and its torso and head snapped around to look in Amda's direction. With a silent scream Amda did nothing but watch as the gigantic eye in the center of the creature swiveled around to lock onto her. As it turned and began to skitter towards her, Amda thought only of what was going to happen to her body. Would her classmates be able to retrieve it, or would she stay on the surface forever? Even when they fought the robot in the Sand Sea, Amda wasn't that frightened. She'd kept her head then. But this was different. A robot could be held back with a shield. A fifteen foot tall spider bitch with teeth for accessories was a different matter entirely. It had one leg raised, centered over Amda's torso, ready to strike.

"Move you idiot!" A pair of hands shoved themselves under Amda's shoulders, and tossed her out of the way. Amda rolled for several feet, and mindlessly began pulling herself away. Her mind was blank, and all she could think of was putting as much distance between herself and that fucking thing as possible.
Wing Ceremony Part II
This is the first half of my submission for the event. I'm planning on drawing out most of this, or at least some, but I couldn't get an idea for what was happening until I wrote it out. I didn't have any particular student in mind for the last part, so if you for whatever reason want your character to be the one saving Amda's ass, just let me know!

Loftwing Ceremony WIP by JustACommonMistake
Loftwing Ceremony WIP
So this is a drawing of my technical participation from Saturday night's RP session. It was a really great session, and I enjoyed the chance to hangout with all of the members again after such a long time. 

It really just was NOT Amda's day, that is for damn sure. Not only did she ram right into Rikhali, spill her rupees everywhere, and then Godrikavu tripped right over her. Thankfully Asieem and Sloan were there to have her back. I hope I get the chance to RP with everyone again soon. It was so much fun!

Sketchdump by JustACommonMistake
It's been a hella long time since I've uploaded anything. I'm home on break and realized the only group I'm in I pretty much dropped off the face of the planet, so I picked my character back up and started to just mess around. Boots are harder to draw than feet, surprisingly.

Also, yes, that is a facial mask. Waking up Amda before she's ready to be up is not a good idea.


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I'm Kat.

That's kind of it for now.
Took this from :iconsiviosanei:

"I will sketch the first 10 people to comment on this journal WITH their
reference. In return, I ask that you offer 10 free sketches in your own
journal ; v ;.. If you don't, you'll be taken off the list!

I hope this is obvious, but this is for watchers only!" <unless you convince me otherwise>

Comment with your journal entry as well!

1. :iconsiviosanei:

2. :iconstealthy-licious:

3. :icongelgep:








You don't have to follow the rules, I just need to work outside my comfort zone a bit. uwu

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